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Dial Gauge Tester Model NB
( Dial Indicator Testing Equipment )

This is a calibration tester having a high precision micrometer with the minimum scale of 1 µ m.
It can be used in order to calibrate dial gauges as well as other displacement gauges.
The stancion is vertically adjustable according to the type of gauges and reading is done while
looking at the scale plate and the cursor line.
NB Tester Lever-type dial gauge Back plunger type dial gauge
NB Tester

Model Micrometer head Forward Accuracy
( µm )
Feed per revolution
( mm )
Spindle tip Gauge fixing
( mm )
Graduation ( mm ) Measurement Range
( mm )
ma 0.001 ( 1µm ) 20 under ±1 0.5 / rev. Carbide chip 8mm dia. 10mm dia.

Component Names
NB : Component Names

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