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Dial Gauge  Dial Gauge
  *Accessories (Option)  [Contact Point joint]
    [Replaceable contact points] [Backs]
Cylinder Gauges  Cylinder Gauges
Lever Type Dial Indicators  Lever Type Dial Indicators
  *Accessories (Option)  [Dovetail stem]
    [Replaceable contact point] [Pic test holder]
Inch Scale Dial Indicators  Inch Scale Dial Indicators
Gauge Testers  Gauge Testers Thickness Gauges  Thickness Gauges
Dial Caliper Gauges  Dial Caliper Gauges Applied Dial Gauges  Applied Dial Gauges
Stands  Stands Digital Indicators / Digital Indicator Application Series  Digital Indicators
Digital Indicator Application Series
Signal Indicators  Signal Indicators  
Discontinued Model  

 Dial Gauge  INDEX

· One Revolution Dial Gauges "Z" Series

· Standard Dial Gauges 0.001, 0.005mm type

· Standard Dial Gauges 0.01mm type

· Long Travel Dial Gauges

· Miniature Dial Gauges

· Back Plunger Dial Gauges

· Accessories (Option)
   [Replaceable contact points]  [Contact Point joint]  [Color Caps]
   [Lifting lever for spindle]  [Pull-up of spindle release]
   [Outer dial plates]  [Backs]  [Repair Tools]  [Holder for 196B]

· Technical Data

· Quick Chart for "PEACOCK" Dial Gauge

· Parts Drawing ( Dial Gauges )

Dial Gauge
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 Lever Type Dial Indicators  INDEX

· Without Change Lever "PCN" series

· With Change Lever "PC" series

· Double Dial Face "W" series

· Low Measuring Force "E" series

· Anti-Magnetic & Non-Electrifying "U" series

· Large Dial Face "D" series

· One Revolution New Pic Test "Z" series

· Judging Pic Test (0-0 Pic Test)

· Without Stem "V" series

· With Ruby ball "R" series

· With Dovetail Stem "DS8V" series

· Lever Type Dial Indicators ; PK-TEST

· Accessories (Option)
   [Replaceable contact point]  [Pic test holder]  [Universal holder]
   [Dovetail stem]  [Centricator]

· Applied Examples / Precaution for Handling

· Quick Chart for "PEACOCK" Lever-Type Dial Indicators

· Parts Drawing ( PCN series )

· Parts Drawing ( PC series )
Lever Type Dial Indicators
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 Cylinder Gauges  INDEX

· Standard "CC" series

· Short size "S" series

· Standard "CG" series (Blind hole type)

· Full Choice Cylinder Gauges

· Measuring OVERPIN Diameter of internal Gear

· Measuring the Large diameter of SPLINE

· Measuring Spline and Internal Gears

· "R" series Cylinder Gauges

· Parts Drawing ( Cylinder Gauges )

Cylinder Gauges
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 Inch Scale Dial Indicators  INDEX

· Dial Gages 0.001" type

· Dial Gages 0.0001" type

· Metric Graduations 0.001mm

· Pic Test Indicators

· Dial Thickness Gages

· Dial Bore Gage Sets

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 Gauge Testers  INDEX

· Automatic Tester

· Dial Gauge Tester

· Cylinder Gauge Tester

Gauge Testers
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 Thickness Gauges  INDEX

· Dial Thickness Gauge 0.01mm type

· Applied Dial Thickness Gauge 0.01mm type

· Dial Thickness Gauge 0.001mm type

· Dial Swift Gauge

· Large type Dial Thickness Gauges

· Dial Lens Gauge

· Dial Sheet Gauges

· Dial Pipe Gauges

· Roller type Dial Thickness Gauge

· Dial Upright Gauges "R" series

· Constant Pressure Thickness Gauge

· Snap Calipers

· Pearl Scale

· Dial Thickness Gauge Special Order

· Parts Drawing ( Thickness Gauges, Lens Gauge )

Thickness Gauges
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 Dial Caliper Gauges  INDEX

· Outside "LA" series

· Inside "LB" series

· Applied examples

Dial Caliper Gauges
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 Applied Dial Gauges  INDEX

· Dial Depth Gauge "T" series

· Dial Insaide Gauge "U" series

· Lever type Contact Point "XY" series

· Crack Tester

Applied Dial Gauges
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 Stands  INDEX

· Dial Gauge Stands

· Magnetic Stands

· Bench Centers

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 Digital Indicators  INDEX

· Digital Gauges (Cordless type)

· Digital Gauges (Integrated Display type)

· Linear Gauges 2, 5mm range

· Linear Gauges 10, 20mm range

· Linear Gauges 50, 100mm range

· Linear Gauges 0.1µm. 0.5µm resolution

· Linear Gauge Rectangular wave out put type

· Common Specifications of Linear Gauges

· New type Digital Counter
· Deep Hole Bore Gauges

· Overview of Digital Gauges & Display Combinations

Digital Indicators
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 Digital Indicator Application Series  INDEX

· Digital Thickness Gauge (Handy type)

· Digital Thickness Gauge (Large type)

· Digital Depth Gauge

· Digital Upright Gauge

Digital Indicator Application Series
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 Signal Indicators  INDEX

· Signal Gauge S-5, S-7, S-9, SC-2A

· Signal Gauge Set-Up
· Signal Gauge Connection Diagram

Signal Indicators

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