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Marking Service Dial gauge with less than one revolution,
 with more ease to read and use
Calibration Certificate · Inspection Accuracy Downloading Outer Drawings
Discontinued Model Catalog Download / PDF Catalog (13.9MB)

Marking Service (under free of charge)
When you purchase any new PEACOCK gauges from us, we now
offer an optional value adding free making services of Control
Numbers directly onto gauges for your ISO needs; any other
control needs and for planned future needs.
* Marking is made by an ultrasonic method.
   Character size, spacing between characters and its direction can
   specifically be set under the following ranges :
Character size (height) 1.0 to 10 mm ( at intervals of 0.1mm, at variable step )
Numbers of characters max. 10 characters

Characters for marking
Alphabet-Capital letters ( 26 )
A B C D E F G H I J · · · · · X Y Z
Alphabet-Small letters ( 26 )
a b c d e f g h i j · · · · · x y z
Numeric characters ( 10 )
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Symbols ( 18 )
{ | ~ ^ } i j m n F B C E D
Standard font ( Helvetica )
* For existing PEACOCK gauges under use, you can also enjoy this
   free making services, Please contact us.
OZAKI MFG. CO., LTD.  TEL: 81-3-3966-1109  FAX: 81-3-3558-1868

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Dial gauge with less than one revolution,
   with more ease to read and use
We propose you now more satisfactory services regarding the
use of our dial gauges with less than one revolution.

Dial gauge with less than one revolution,
The scale plate of this dial gauge in conventional use has been
so standardized that its zero point position is always set to the
top. The dial gauge specified in this way cannot be used with
ease in some case. For example, it may have an insufficient
measuring range due to the tolerance of a jig or cylinder gauge
to be measured by it as well as to the dimensions of the master
gauge. In addition, when this dial gauge is to be reversely set to
a jig, its reversed scale cannot be easily read.

It is now our pleasure to inform you that we have developed a
dial plate specially specified as to the position of its pointer
on made to order from one piece. We ask you at this occasion to
consider the possibility to replace your dial gauges with less than
one revolution in use with this new type gauges.

At the present time, there are three types of dial gauges with
less than one revolution, 0.001mm type, 0.01mm type and small
plunger type, and this new development is applied to all of these
three types. It will be our great pleasure if you kindly place an
order with us in the near future for this type of new dial gauges.
For consultation or order for our dial gauges with less than one
revolution, contact us by telephone or facsimile.
We further pursue our development and research activities, always
bearing in mind the needs of our clients.
OZAKI MFG. CO., LTD.  TEL: 81-3-3966-1109  FAX: 81-3-3558-1868

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Calibration Certificate / Accuracy Certification
Calibration system for Dial Gauges
1. Cost A. Calibrated by take charge of products from customer,
   * the cost for Accuracy Certification \2,000.-
Model D-10SS, D-10HS \3,400.-
   * the cost for Calibration Certificate \5,000.-

  (Traceablity Process Chart, Accuracy Certification for Calibration
  device and Calibration Certificate for Reference device.)

B. Calibrated by in case of you purchase new one,
   Basically, we required the cost for products plus above items A.
   However, we do not charge you the cost for Accuracy Certification
   like a Pic Test Indicator as all of our Pic Test Indicator have been
   included Accuracy Certification regularly.

* In case of we can inspected the gauges by same calibration device,
  we apply the Calibration Certificate be put in one sheet, but in case
  the different gauges, example, combined with Dial Gauge and Dial
  Thickness Gauge, we required you the cost for Calibration
  Certificate for the \8,200.- as the Calibration device is difference
  that required 2 sheets.

* It is difference for that the inspection charge for the Calibration
  device for Dial Gauge or Eccentric devices.
 · Dial Gauge Tester Model NB \22,400.-
 · Cylinder Gauge Tester Model CCT-2 \22,500.-
 · Dial Gauge Automatic Tester Model DGT-20G  \82,200.-

* Others will quoted upon receipt of requirements.

* Postage or Carriage are at your expense.
2. Delivery  In two weeks
Model NB / CCT-2 / DGT-20G ; In four weeks
3. Others 1) Acceptance or Rejected by our Company's standard.
2) We will quote you our repairing charge when rejected.
3) We manage the above through our wholesalers, please contact at
   your regional shop.
* Pleaser contact us if you have any question about our system for
  Calibration Certificate.
OZAKI MFG. CO., LTD.  TEL: 81-3-3966-1109  FAX: 81-3-3558-1868

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Discontinued Model
Model No._Description
AS-5 Addition-Subtraction Counter (0.01mm)  Discontinued
AS-5S Addition-Subtraction Counter (0.001mm)  Discontinued
AS-6 Counter for Radius of Curvature (0.001mm)  Discontinued
AS-8 Multiplier Setting (0.001mm/0.01mm)  Discontinued
CB-640 Counter Board (0.01mm)  Discontinued
CB-640S Counter Board (0.001mm)  Discontinued
CC-1 CC-2 CC-3 CC-3C Standard Cylinder Gauges  Discontinued 
CC-1S CC-2S CC-3S CC-3CS Short Size Cylinder Gauges  Discontinued 
CC-1R CC-2R CC-3R CC-3CR "R" series Cylinder Gauges  Discontinued 
C-5 Digital Counter (0.005mm)  Discontinued (Only stock is supplied)
C-5 R/L Digital Counter w/Reset & Latch (0.005mm)  Discontinued (Only stock is supplied)
C-5S Digital Counter (0.001mm)  Discontinued (Only stock is supplied)
C-5S R/L Digital Counter w/Reset & Latch (0.001mm)  Discontinued (Only stock is supplied)
C-5SS Digital Counter (0.5µm)  Discontinued
C-7HS Digital Counter (0.1µm)  Discontinued
CM-5B Digital Counter with Judgement Function  Discontinued
CS-10 Personal Measure (0.01mm)  Discontinued
CS-10N Personal Measure (0.001")  Discontinued
COM-5 Digital Comparator  Discontinued
COM-6 Digital Comparator  Discontinued
CP-5 Counter with Preset Function (0.005mm)  Discontinued
CP-5S Counter with Preset Function (0.001mm)  Discontinued
D-10N Linear Gauge (0.005mm)  Discontinued
D-20N Linear Gauge (0.005mm)  Discontinued
D-5UZ Linear Gauge (0.01mm)  Discontinued
DA-4 D/A Converter  Discontinued
DG-127 Digital Gauge (0.01mm)  Discontinued
DG-205 Digital Gauge (0.001mm)  Discontinued
DG-257 Digital Gauge (0.01mm)  Discontinued
G2-205 Digital Thickness Gauge  Discontinued
G2-205M Digital Thickness Gauge  Discontinued
G2-257 Digital Thickness Gauge  Discontinued
G2-257M Digital Thickness Gauge  Discontinued
G-3  G-4 Dial Thickness Gauge  Discontinued
GH-127 Digital Hole Gauge  Discontinued
GH-1 Dial Hole Gauge  Discontinued 
H-3 Dial Thickness Gauge  Discontinued 
HS-25 Horizontal Stands  Discontinued
IF-8 RS-232C Interface Adapter  Discontinued
JA-205 Digital Thickness Gauge  Discontinued
JA-257 Digital Thickness Gauge  Discontinued
K1-257 Digital Sheet Gauge  Discontinued
K-7 Dial Sheet Gauge (Throat depth: 690mm)  Discontinued
LA-5S  LA-6  LA-20 Dial Calipers LA series (Outside)  Discontinued 
LB-7V  LB-8  LB-9 Dial Calipers LB series (Inside)  Discontinued 
OB Bench Center  Discontinued
P2-127 Digital Pipe Gauge  Discontinued
P2-257 Digital Pipe Gauge  Discontinued
PC-1LW Pic Test Indicator (Double Dial Type)  Discontinued
PDN-20 Digital Gauge  Discontinued
PDN-50 Digital Gauge  Discontinued
PDN-51 Digital Gauge  Discontinued 
PDP-1 Printer  Discontinued
PDP-1N Printer  Discontinued
PP-4 Max, Min, Peak/Peak Counter  Discontinued
PP-4S Max, Min, Peak/Peak Counter  Discontinued
PP-5 Blade/Tooth Height Counter (0.001mm)  Discontinued
R1-127 Digital Upright Gauge  Discontinued
R1-205 Digital Upright Gauge  Discontinued
R1-257 Digital Upright Gauge  Discontinued
SB-3 Signal Boxr  Discontinued
SCB-3 Signal Controller  Discontinued
SG-300 Precision Slope Gage  Discontinued
SG-450 Precision Slope Gage  Discontinued
SG-500 Precision Slope Gage  Discontinued
SG-600 Precision Slope Gage  Discontinued
SIS-4 Dial Gauge Stand  Discontinued
SIS-6 Dial Gauge Stand  Discontinued
T1-205 Digital Depth Gauge  Discontinued
T1-257 Digital Depth Gauge  Discontinued
T2-127 Digital Depth Gauge  Discontinued
T2-205W Digital Depth Gauge  Discontinued
T2-257W Digital Depth Gauge  Discontinued
T3-127 Digital Depth Gauge  Discontinued
T5-127 Digital Depth Gauge  Discontinued
T6-127 Digital Depth Gauge  Discontinued
SVH-100 Precision gaging equipment for Vertical & Horizontal  Discontinued
SVH-70 Precision gaging equipment for Vertical & Horizontal  Discontinued
VH-40 Dial Plumb Bob (VH Series)  Discontinued
VH-110 Dial Plumb Bob (VH Series)  Discontinued
VH-175 Dial Plumb Bob (VH Series)  Discontinued
VH-200 Dial Plumb Bob (VH Series)  Discontinued
VH-240 Dial Plumb Bob (VH Series)  Discontinued
XYZ-3 3 axes Counter  Discontinued
XYZ-3B 3 axes Counter with Printer  Discontinued
XZ-1  XZ-2 Angle Contact Points  Discontinued 
YM-1 Magnetic Stand  Discontinued
YM-2 Magnetic Stand  Discontinued
YMH-1 Magnetic Holder  Discontinued 
YMH-2 Magnetic Holder  Discontinued
107-MG Dial Gauge  Discontinued
107-MGA Dial Gauge  Discontinued
4620 Inch Scale Dial Thickness Gages (0.001")  Discontinued
5C Dial Gauge  Discontinued

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