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Digital Pipe Gauge / Digital Hole Gauge

Digital Pipe Gauge; Model P2-257, P2-127
Digital Hole Gauge; Model GH-127
Digital Pipe Gauge
Model P2-257
Resolution 0.01mm
Range 0 - 15mm

Model P2-127
Resolution 0.01mm
Range 0 - 10mm

P2-257, P2-127

Digital Hole Gauge
Model GH-127
Resolution 0.01mm
Range 10 - 35mm

Model P2-257 (Discontinued) P2-127 (Discontinued) GH-127 (Discontinued)
Resolution 0.01mm 0.01mm 0.01mm
Indication error
(excluding quantized error)
}0.02mm }0.02mm }0.02mm
Gauge type DG-257 DG-127 DG-127
Measuring range 15mm 10mm 10 - 35mm
Measuring depth 50mm 50mm 25mm
Measuring force Less than 1.1N Less than 0.95N Less than 0.95N
Minimum hole diameter ø 5.1mm ø 5.1mm --

Dimensions; P2-257, P2-127
Dimensions ; P2-257, P2-127

Dimensions; GH-127

Dimensions ; GH-127

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