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Blade/Tooth Height Counter
PP-5 ; Discontinued
* Automatically memorizing and printing of Peak of each blade/tooth.
* Just by turning the workpiece, automatically measures tooth height.
* Equipped with Judgement function OK, ±NG; judgement for mean
   value is also available.

Blade/Tooth Height Counter
Model PP-5
Resolution 0.001mm
Display digit 5 digits with digital switch ±sign(±00.000 to ±99.999mm) Blade number 3 digits display (0 to 120)
Blade number
to be set
Set by a digital switch (minimum 1 to maximum 120).
Judgement setting
(to the standard)
Set by digital switch -NG, OK, +NG
Judgement setting
(to the mean value)
Set by digital switch -NO, OK, +NG
Display * Value ot each height of blade/tooth   * Maximum height of blade/tooth
* Minimum height of blade/tooth   * MAX-MIN value   * Mean value
Printer function * All data printing   * Each blade/tooth value to mean value   * Mean value
   (Printing is selected by a switch on the back panel. Able to skip printing.)
Recording paper Standard rolled paper 58(W) × 50(D)mm
Power supply AC100V (90V - 110V) 50/60Hz
Weight /
Outer dimensions
8kg / 350(W) × 330(D) × 150(H) mm
and functions
* When gauge detects upward displacement of 0.1mm after START, it automatically begins
   receiving data on the first blade/tooth.
   When 0.1mm downward displacement is sensed by the gauge, measurement of the first
   blade/tooth ends.
   Automatic measurement from the second blade/tooth onwards is similarly performed for
   the number of blades/teeth you have set.
* Measured values are printed upon completion of measurement (when printer is in "ON")
   (Values out of standard are printed in red)
* The first blade/tooth is taken as a reference (0) (It is also possible to make master value
   as referece 0)
Linear Gauge
D-5S, D-10S, D-20S
Options * RS-232C compliance
* Specially designed custom-made jig is available to rotate workpiece for measurement if
   work sample and drawing is provided.

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