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Digital Comparators
Pass/Fail System

* Units to extend judgement function for C-5 and C-5S (COM-5).
* Units to extend judgement function for CP-5 and CP-5S (COM-6).
* Results of judgement on LED display and output for control by relay contact.

Digital Comparators Pass/Fail System
Model COM-5 COM-6
Judgement setting 5 digits with ± digital switch ± sign
(-99.999 -- +99.999)
6 digits with ± digital switch ± sign
(-999.999 -- +999.999)
Outer dimensions 200(W) × 230(D) × 55(H) mm 240(W) × 230(D) × 55(H) mm
Compatible counters C-5, C-5S
Discontinued (Only stock is supplied)
CP-5, CP-5S
Power supply Operate from power source of counter (+12V 80mA)
Judgement -NG, OK, +NG
Judgement display -NG(Yellow), OK(Green), +NG(Red)
Judgement output Relay contact (with contact protection circuits)
   ------ a contact point (MATSUSHITA NR-H-12V or equivalent parts)
Contact capacity AC110V 5VA (DC 30V 1A)
Output receptacle PRC03-23A10-4M (Tajimi brand)
(One Plug PRC03-12A10-4F10.5 included)
Response speed Generally less than 20msec (depends on relay contactor's speed)
Accessories * BCD signal cable (40cm) ---------- 1 Pc.
* Pass/fail detection output plug ----- 1 Pc.
* Plate tor mounting to counter ------ 2 pcs.
Functions * Constant output display of -NG, OK or +NG at the time of power up.
* The set value LOWER is OK. (at time of shipment)
* The set value UPPER is NG. (at time of shipment)
Options * Control input (control input for acceptance/rejection judgement)
   To display and output relay contact at the state of CONTROL ON.
   Available as optional terminal on the back panel (PRC03-23A10-3M)
* Buzzer
   A buzz is heard to indicate if judgement is -NG, OK or +NG.
Further applications * When two comparators are connected, multi-stage judgement is possible
   (BCD cable for branching is necessary).
   (e.g. capable of diversified classification such as -NG, OK1, OK2, OK3 and +NG)
dimensions within ( ) are for COM-6

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Design and specifications are subject to change without notice for future improvement.