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Digital Gauges Integrated Display Type (Discontinued)

New Type --> PDN-21/PDN-51

 LED display make for easy reading.
 Data is printable via BCD-printer link.
 Linear scale eliminates mechanical errors.
 Display can rotate 330º.

0.001mm display example


Connect with the statistic computing printer to help manage your data.
A Indicator : PDN-20

B Finger lever : LL-D20

C Stand : SIS-6

D Printer : PDP-1N

E Printer cable : KB-P12

Model PDN-20 (Discontinued) PDN-50 (Discontinued)
Range 20mm 50mm
Resolution 0.001mm (convertible to 0.01mm)
(excluding quantized error)
0.003mm (0.01mm) 0.004mm (0.01mm)
Display For 0.001mm 5 digit -99.999 with (-) symbol
For 0.01mm 4 digit -99.99 with (-) symbol
Measuring force Standard
   (spindle downward) less than 1.3N
   (spindle upward) less than 0.8N
Without spring (spindle downward)
    less than 0.4N
   (spindle downward) less than 3.0N
   (spindle upward) less than 2.5N
Without spring (spindle downward)
    less than 1.0N
Response speed 500mm/sec
Data output BCD (dynamic) negative logic open collector
Mounting method Supported by stem (ø8mm)
or lug (ø6.5mm hole on lug back)
Supported by stem (ø10mm, ø20mm)
Operating temperature 0 - 40ºC
Power supply AC adapter (AC 100V or 230V)
Contact point M2.5×0.45 pitch thread, steel ball
(ø2.4mm dia. ball included) Model : X-2
M2.5×0.45 pitch thread, steel ball
(ø2.4mm dia. ball included) Model : X-9
ZERO RESET ........Presetting to zero at any desired position
ERROR ........Mistaken entry will alarm
LED display
  ........Orange light of LED display makes test reading easy, even in dark places.
  ........Connects with statistic computing printer to manage data.
Display rotation
  ........Display can be rotated up to 330º for easy reading.
0.001/0.01mm conversion
  (Please specify either 0.001 or 0.01mm display at the time of purchase.)

Dimensions (PDN-20)
Dimensions PDN-20

Dimensions (PDN-50)
Dimensions PDN-50

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