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Downloading External Drawings

Be sure to read the following information before downloading.
t is recommended to print this page before using the download service.
General Notes
External shape drawings of our main products can be downloaded as CAD data according to
   customer needs.
Specifications and external shapes are subject to change without prior notice.
CAD data files are supplied to provide shape information ( external ) necessary for attaching
   and/or installing our products. Ensure to check and evaluate for proper installation and
   operation with appropriate CAD data when using our products in combination with machines,
   instruments, or apparatus from other manufacturers.
   ( Specifications provided in catalogs or brochures are based on standalone evaluations of our
   products. )
We shall not be liable for any troubles of damages of customer's computers, interruption or
   suspension of customer's bushiness, or any other damages whatsoever arising from use of
   our CAD data ( including use and handling of files ).

Notes on CAD Data ( DXF ) Files
Use a CAD software which is compatible with either the R12 ( DXF ) data format or the
   2004 ( DXF ) data format to open our CAD data files of the respective format.
   If your CAD software is compatible with both formats, it is recommended that you use the
   2004 ( DXF ) format files ( ****_2004.dxf ).
   ( **** represents a model number expressed in single-byte alphanumeric characters. )
Depending on the CAD software used, may not open or be properly displayed even if it may be
   successfully opened.

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Design and specifications are subject to change without notice for future improvement.

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