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D/A Converter
Conversion of Digital Output to Analog Signals

* When DA-4 is connected to a recorder, the resulting analog figure can provide
   a continuous recording.
* Three convertible settings cover the entire testing range.

D/A Converter
Model DA-4
Resolution and range
(BCD output and 3 digit input
can be shifted)
Range Measuring range Resolution Output voltage
LOW Full scale ±99.9 0.1mm FS = ±100mV
MID Full scale ±9.99 0.01mm
HIGH Full scale ±0.999 0.001mm
(straightness of output signal)
Full scale × 0.3%
Output impedance Approximately 100Ω
Monitor (analog meter) Monitors the relationship between displacement and D/A conversion output
Number of DA steps Full scale ±1000 steps
Output terminal Terminal's output on the back panel (T-375-12) SATO
Power supply Operated by power supplied from a counter (+12V 80mA)
DA conversion speed Less than 2msec
Operating temperature 0 - 40ºC / storage at -10 to 50ºC
Outer dimensions 200(W) × 230(D) × 55(H) mm
Weight 2.2kg
Accessories * BCD signal cable (40cm) ---------- 1 pc.
* Plate for mounting to counter ------ 2 pcs.
Options * Making DA output into ±1V full scale (DA-4V1)
* Making DA output into ±10V full scale (DA-4V10)
* Recorder connecting cable -------- 1.5m (Usually attached to a recorder)
Applicable counters * C-5, C-5S ;Discontinued (Only stock is supplied)
   CP-5, CP-5S ;Discontinued
* C-5SS ;Discontinued
   C-7HS, CM-5B
  (Cable for ±attachment should be changed. Notify Peacock at the time of purchase.)
* Output is made within the measuring range of the linear gauge
  (example: 50mV at 50mm displacement in the LOW measuring range of 50mm)
DA-4: Dimensions

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Design and specifications are subject to change without notice for future improvement.