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Model No. Article
5C ;Discontinued 0.001mm Resolution Dial Gauge
 Easy Reading.
107-MG ;Discontinued
0.01mm Resolution Dial Gauge
· Includes accuracy certification
· New Mechanism to eliminate of water

Dial Gauge Model No.5C (0.001mm×1mm)

From 0.01mm to 0.001mm, meet the demands of times.
High-grade Model "5C" leads the new epoch.
We are now forwarded the superlative confidence what is
expected of us.
help 1: 5C Specifications & Dimensions

Dial Gauge Model No.107-MG · 107-MGA
(Exceed performance requirements of Model 107)
* 107-MG
  · Includes accuracy certification
  · Easy readability with new Dial Plate
  · Interchangeable Carbide ball with Contact Point
  · Quality and Accuracy referenced New JIS standard
  · Chemical resistance Crystal

* 107-MGA
  · Added to features of 107-MG and Oil and Water
    resistance mechanism is furnished
help 2: 107-MGA
Oil or Water resistance mechanism & Dimensions

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice for future improvement.