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Digital Counters
Standard Type
;Discontinued (Only stock is supplied)
NEW TYPE C-500/C-700

* Blue fluorescent light display provides easy reading.
* Data output uses BCD codes and is "open collector" type.
* These digital counters can be connected to a pass / fail judgement system,
   D/A conversion system or a printer.

Digital Counters Standard Type
Model C-5 C-5S
Resolution 0.005mm / 0.01mm (0.005mm at time of shipment) 0.001mm
Display Blue fluorescent light display up to 6 digits with ± symbol
Quantizing error ± 1 count
Response speed 1000mm / sec 600mm / sec
Weight 2.3kg 2.5kg
Power supply AC100V (90V - 110V) 50 / 60Hz
Outer dimensions 200(W) × 230(D) × 60(H)mm
0 to 40ºC / for storage, at -10 to 50ºC
linear gauges
DL-2, D-5, D-10, D-20
D-50, D-100
D-5UZ, D-10N, D-20N
DL-2S, D-5S, D-10S, D-20S
D-50S, D-100S
Accessories * Power supply cable (2m) ---- 1pc
* Built-in tilt stand (tilts the front of the counter up at slight angle for easier reading)
Functions * RESET ---------- For zero reset at any desired position
* DIRECTION ------ Numerical direction can be changed by DIRECTION switch located on back panel
* CLOCK OUT ------ Outputs BCD's signal simultaneously (1µsec)
* ALARM OUT ----- Output abnormal value when response speed is exceeded
* LATCH IN -------- Holds the display value and external unit's output data
* RESET IN -------- For zero reset from external unit via RESET input
Data output
* Output by positive logic, parallel digits and open collector
* Connector ----- 57-40360 DDK equivalent connector (amphenol type) should be used.
                         It is not attached on the cable side (57-30360 equivalent connecter is recommended)
Options * Pass/fail judgement (comparator) COM-5, RECORDER (DA converter) DA-4, Printer (statistic operation) PDP-1
* External RESET/LATCH connector
   (Use this option when RESET/LATCH command from an external unit)
   To prevent erroneous operation caused by electrical noise that enters the digital counter, the connector's input
   is isolated by photocouplers.
   (BCD output connector's RESET/LATCH is not isolated.)
Dimensions: (mm)
C-5 / C-5S dimensions within ( ) are for CP-5 (CP-5S)

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Design and specifications are subject to change without notice for future improvement.