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New type Digital Counters

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Equipped with large display functions and various measurement functions, our Digital Counters
can be installed in a Control Panel or placed on a desk due to their compact designs.
Model C-500
Priority on user friendliness.
Simple type

Model C-700
User friendliness combined with
multi-functinality. Multi-type
Function of Digital Counters

 1/2 Display ( C-500, C-700 )
1/2 Display ( C-500, C-700 )
Displays the displacement after halving it.

 ~2 Display ( C-500, C-700 )
~2 Display ( C-500, C-700 )
Displays the displacement after doubling it.

 Data Output ( C-500, C-700 )
Data Output ( C-500, C-700 )
Outputs data
( Standard function of RS-232C, optional function of BCD )

 Presetting ( C-700 )
Presetting ( C-700 )
Displays preset values.

 OK}NG Judgment ( C-700 )
OK}NG Judgment ( C-700 )
Outputs OK±NG judgment.

 Maximum Value Display ( C-700 )
Maximum Value Display ( C-700 )
Holds the maximum positive value and makes
OK±NG judgment.

 Minimum Value Display ( C-700 )
Minimum Value Display ( C-700 )
Holds the minimum negative value and makes
OK±NG judgment.

 Deflection Measurement Display ( C-700 )
Deflection Measurement Display ( C-700 )
Holds the difference between the maximum and minimum
values (deflection) and makes OK±NG judgment.

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Specifications of Digital Counters
Model C-500 C-700
Displayed digits
Selection of 10µm
Selection of 1µm
-9999.99 -- 00.00 -- 9999.99
-999.999 -- 0.000 -- 999.999
High-luminance LED display with 7 segments (red)
Power supply voltage
& power consumption
AC100V -- AC240V
/ 9VA or lower
Operating temperature
0 -- +40ºC
Compatible Linear Gauges
Selection of 10µm display
Selection of 1µm display
DL-2, D-5, D-10, D-20, D-30, D-50, D-100, DN-10, DN-20, D-5UZ
DL-2S, D-5S, D-10S, D-20S, D-30S, D-50S, D-100S DN-10S, DN-20S
AC power cord (2m) ; One cord
Metal fittings for panel installation ; Two units
( to be used for installation in panel and securing stand fittings )
Stand fittings ; One unit
( to be used when counter is used as desktop device )
Terminal block functions
( Rear panel )
Terminal block --> Screwless terminal block
Usable electric cables --> AWG22 - 28
Length of peeled wire of cables --> 8 - 9mm
Pin alignment
(*1) St/Sp Controls "START" and "STOP" of MAX, MIN, P-P
measurement mode.
(*2) React Controls "SUSPEND" and "START" of P-P
measurement mode.
  Latch Controls "LATCH" and "CANCEL" of measured value.
 4  Reset External "RESET"
"PRESET" ( Function available only in Model No. C-700 )
 5  Alarm Error signal output
(*6) -NG Outputs -NG based on
OK±NG judgment (red LED).
--> +NG(2) -NG(1) NG(2)
(*7) OK Outputs OK based on
OK±NG judgment (green LED).
--> OK OK OK
(*8) +NG Outputs +NG based on
OK±NG judgment (orange LED).
--> +NG(1) -NG(2) NG(1)
(1) : NG output in first stage
(2) : NG output in second stage
(* ) Circled numbers indicate functions available only in Model No. C-700
Dip sw setting functions
( Printed circuit board )
Dip(1) Dip(2)
 SW 1 Select 1µm or 10µm  SW 1 Settings by Manufacturer
 SW 2 Select direction of
 SW 2 Select whether or not to include
default values for OK±NG judgment.
 SW 3 Select activation or non-
activation of error output.
 SW 3 Select either "orthogonal" or "sine"
for input waveform.
 SW 4 Select activation or non-
activation of overflow.
 SW 4 Select either 400msec or 100msec
for RESET time.
Data output (RS-232C)
D-Sub9P plug
INCH screw
Excel input software
BCD output board
Pin Alignment
  1  NC -- Communication mode ; Half-duplexasynchronouscommunication
  2  Rxd in <-- Communication speed ; 9600bps
  3  Txd --> out Format ; 7Bit ASCI I
  4  NC -- Parity ; even number
  5  SG -- Stop bit ; 1Bit
  6  NC -- RTS / CTS ; Returned when not in use.
  7  RTS --> out Reception command ; Transmission request ASCI I [T] [t]
  8  CTS in <-- ; Reset ASCI I  [R] [r]
  9  NC -- Connection cables ; Cross cables ( not included )

PK-2002 ; Data imported into Excel cells from RS-232C output.
CB-BCD ; Cannot be used in combination with RS-232C output.
Display functions
1/1 display  --> Displays the measured value as is.
1/2 display  --> Displays the measured value after halving it.
×2 display  --> Displays the measured value after doubling it.
Note ;
With 1µm display and ×2 display, the lowest digit will be displayed as an even number.
Presetting display function
Zero setting only
Can display preset values
Measurement mode function
[MAX] [MIN] [P-P]
Current value display
value (Max)
RESET action is taken by
ST of the ST/SP control
value (Min)
OK±NG judgment function
( Refer to terminal output
circuit )
value mode
+NG OK   -NG
value mode
OK +NG (1) +NG (2)
value mode
OK -NG (1) -NG (2)
OK NG (1) NG (2)
Dimensions / Weight
144(W)×72(H)×160(D)mm / 950g

 Time Chart [ Model No. C-700 ]

Time Chart

Control Terminal Input Circuit

Control Terminal Input Circuit
Pin NO.1  ST/SP

Terminal Output Circuit

Terminal Output Circuit
Pin NO.6  -NG
Pin NO.7  OK
Pin NO.8  +NG

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 Dimension of Digital Counters ( C-500, C-700 )

Dimension of Digital Counters
 Panel cutting dimensions ; Panel thickness ( t = 1.6 - 3.2mm )
Panel cutting dimensions

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