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Max, Min, Peak/Peak Counter
;Discontinued NEW TYPE C-500/C-700
* Peak-Peak counter is most suitable for deviation testing.
* 3 test modes --- maximum amount, minimum amount and deviation
   amount --- can be alternately displayed.
* High speed calculation is processed in the hardware of the comparison
   circuit instead of in the CPU. (central processing unit)

Max, Min, Peak/Peak Counter
Model PP-4 PP-4S
Resolution 0.01mm 0.001mm
Display LED (red) display ±99.99 LED (red) display ±9.999
Response speed 600mm / sec 300mm / sec
for judgement
4 digits with digital switch ±sign (±99.99) 4 digits with digital switch ±sign (±9.999)
Judgement Judgement is performed against PEAK-PEAK values (in 2 stage judgement of OK and NG)
NG output at occurrence of NG (relay contact point"a") Relay (OMRON G6E-134P-US12V)
Control input
Measurement starts at relay contact input of "ON" and ends at "OFF"
("USE" lamp is lit during measurement)
selection switch
4 interlocking switches: NORMAL, MAX, MIN AND PEAK/PEAK
Test interruption
control input
Contact point input "ON" suspends P-P measurement and "OFF" releases it
Data output Output the display channel, BCD positive logic,
parallel digits output, Open collector (TD62104 equivalent)
0 to 40ºC / storage at -10 to 50ºC
Power supply AC100V (90 - 100V) 50/60Hz (2m power cable w/plug)
Weight 3.5kg
Outer dimensions 300(W) × 280(D) × 110(H) mm (except for rubber foot portion 10mm)
Operation * Measurement starts at "ON" while rotating workpiece, necessary resetting the counter and starting to
   receive data.
   Measurement stops at input of "OFF" signal, holding measured data and judgement, with completion
   of measurement.
* When there is a point not needed for measuring during measurement (tooth, groove of key, etc),
   measurement can be interrupted by "REACT" button. When you release it, it resumes comparative
   measurement using data measured before interruption.
linear gauges
DL-2, D-5, D-10, D-20 DL-2S, D-5S, D-10S
Accessories * START/STOP input connector -------- 1 pc. (PRC03-12A10-4F10.5)
   Judgement output connector --------- 1 pc. (PRC03-12A10-3F19.5 Tajimi brand)

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Design and specifications are subject to change without notice for future improvement.