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3 axes Counter with Printer
XYZ-3B, XYZ-3 ; Discontinued
* It can measure in 3 axes (X, Y & Z axes) with a built-in printer (XYZ-3B).

3 axes Counter with Printer

Model XYZ-3B
Resolution 0.001mm (X, Y, Z axes)
Display digits 5 digits (0.000 - ±99.999) Fluorescent display tube
Quantizing error ± 1 count
Number of display axes 3 channels
Data output RS-232C (D-Sub25P)
Recording paper Thermal paper 58(W) × 38(D) mm
(Juiou Seishi TP-50KS-4A58mm)
Power supply AC100V (90V - 110V) 50/60Hz
Weight 9kg
Outer dimension 350(W) × 270(D) × 140(H) mm
Compatible linear gauges X axis Y axis Z axis
Digital micrometer Digital linear gauge
MHD-25R (25mm)
MHD-50R (50mm)
D-5S, D-10S,
D-20S, D-50S
Functions * External reset terminal (for Z axis only)
* External print-out command terminal
* All reset button (including index No.)
Options * Foot switch for external memory (FW-1)
* Three-axes counter without built-in printer (XYZ-3)
* In case connecting digital linear gauges to both X and Y-axis, please specify
   when ordering.

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Design and specifications are subject to change without notice for future improvement.