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Linear Gauges
Rectangular wave output type
;Discontinued NEW TYPE DN-10/DN-10S/DN-20/DN20S->

* For use in electrically noisy environments.
* For applications requiring extra long cables. (10 to 50 meters are available)

Rectangular wave output type

Photo 1 Dimensions Output wiring Extension cables
Model D-10N D-20N
Range 10mm 20mm
Resolution 0.005mm / 0.01mm
Accuracy (excluding
quantized error)
0.01mm 0.01mm
Measuring force Less than 1.0N Less than 1.2N
Cable length 2m
Mounting method ø 8mm stem or 6.5mm hole on lug back
Contact point M2.5 × 0.45 Sø 2.4mm cooper (X-2)
Output Signal 90º phase difference, 20µm pitch
(R03-PB8M Tajimi connector)
Rectangular wave (Low=0V  High=8V)
Features * Recommended for locations where cable extension (10 to 50 meters) is necessary.
* Recommended for use in electrically noisy environments.
Options * Extension cable (2, 3, 5 and 10meters are standard length, other lengths are made to order.)
* If a longer cable is required for the linear gauge itself, we can also supply it as a special order.
Wiring precaution * Signal Lines should be wired through a separate duct from other electrical lines.

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