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Signal Box SB-3

Long life LED makes a replacement of lamp unnecessary.
It is equipped with judgement output by relay contact.
Signal Box SB-3 (Discontinued)
Model SB-3 (Discontinued)

Model SB-3 (Discontinued)
Display Colors -NG ( red ),  OK ( green ),  +NG ( yellow )
Relay contact capacity AC200V ( 5VA ) MAX ( resistance load )
Power supply AC100V  50/60Hz  ( Cord length 2 m ; with plug )
Usable Gauges S-5 / S-7 / S-9 / SC-2A
Relay contact output Three stages of -NG, OK, and +NG
Weight 1300 g

Output of Relay Contacts
(A) --- +NG
(B) --- COM
(C) --- OK
(D) --- -NG
Option When using AC200V power supply, please contact your nearest product
representative prior to use.

Dimensions ; SB-3

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