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Digital Printer PDP-1N ( Discontinued )

Printing of statistically processed data is vital for quality management.
Input of date via front control panel data keys for quality
   assurance data purposes.

Items for statistic operation maybe selected from Mode 0 to 1.
Model:PDP-1N ( Discontinued ) Foot switch (option):FW-1
Digital Printer: PDP-1N Foot switch: FW-1

Description Specifications
Number ofchannels Connect one channel for eachmeasuring device
Maximum no. of date 999 points
Printing method Dot style graphic
Recording paper Sensitized paper roll (57.5mm wide × 50mm dia.)
Power supply AC adapter (AC 100V)
Operating temperature 0 - 40ºC
Outer dimensions 130(W)~170(D)~61(H)mm
Weight 1Kg
Recording paper ........ 1 roll
AC adapter ........ 1 pc
Foot switch (FW-1)
Connecting cable (for signal input)
Method of date input  BCD positive logic parallel / serial
 RS-232C port
Print-out and
calculation categories
A. Measuring date A. Number indicating measured data
A. Each data A. Number of measured data (n)
A. Max data A. Mean value (X)
A. Min data A. Standard deviation ()
A. Range (R) B. Process capability index (Cp)
B. Defect rate (BAD) B. Printing in red for abnormal value
C. Frequency distribution table C. Histogram
D. Diagram
Function of print-out
according to mode
MODE-0 ........ Operation printing of A: items
MODE-1 ........ Operation printing of A: to B:

Connecting cable selection list ( Discontinued )
Model Applicable measuring equipment or device
KB-C12 C-5SS / C-7HS
KB-C232 C-700 / C-500
KB-P12 PDN-20
KB-C205 (with connector) DG-205 / DG-257

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