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Digital Thickness Gauge (Large Type) / Digital Sheet Gauge

Due to having throat depth 150mm or 300mm can measure a thickness at the center of
wide sheets such as paper, urethane, vinyl, rubber and foil.
Contact Point and Anvil can be modified made to order.
Digital Thickness Gauge (Large Type)
Model JA-205
Resolution 0.001mm
Range 0 - 20mm
Depth 150mm

Model JA-257
Resolution 0.01mm
Range 0 - 20mm
Depth 150mm

JA-205, JA-257

Digital Sheet Gauge
Model K1-257
Resolution 0.01mm
Range 0 - 20mm
Depth 300mm

Model JA-205 (Discontinued) JA-257 (Discontinued) K1-257 (Discontinued)
Resolution 0.001mm 0.01mm 0.01mm
Indication error
(excluding quantized error)
}0.01mm }0.02mm }0.02mm
Gauge type DG-205 DG-257 DG-257
Measuring range 0 - 20mm 0 - 20mm 0 - 20mm
Measuring depth 150mm 150mm 300mm
Measuring force Less than 1.1N Less than 1.1N Less than 2.0N
Contact point diameter ø 10mm ø 10mm ø 10mm
Contact point parallelism 0.005mm 0.01mm 0.01mm
Anvil diameter ø 20mm ø 20mm ø 20mm

Dimensions; JA-205, JA-257
Dimensions ; JA-205, JA-257

Dimensions; K1-257
Dimensions ; K1-257

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