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Dial Plumb Bob ( VH Series )

VH Series is a gauge for obtaining plumb line and level that guarantees high quality and
high precision on construction sites and in building interiors.
High precision measuring can be achieved despite strong wind or small vibration.
Unlike a traditional plumb bob, one man can quickly complete the entire measurement.
Easy to see indication display. Easy to read test results. Easy to achieve accuracy.
 Dial Plumb Bob ( VH Series )
VH-240, VH-200, VH-175

VH-110, VH-40
 Part name
(1) Slide arm 50mm ( approx. 2.0" ) ( 2 pcs. )
(2) Slide arm 150mm ( approx. 6.0" ) ( 2 pcs. )
(3) Set screws for arms. ( 2 pcs. )
(4) Cone head ( 2 pcs. )
(5) Flat head ( 2 pcs. )
(6) Fine tune adjustment ring ( 2 pcs. )
 Display window, Pendulum, Level

Display window Pendulum Level
Display window Pendulum Level
In the dial's reading, one
graduation signifies 1mm
( .04" ) of tilt over 1 meter
( 3.9' ).
( 15 graduations lines to
both left and right )
Wide space between
graduation lines allows
easy reading.
Locking pendulum for transport
maintains precision long term.
Use as a long level for level
( no level on VH-240 and 40 )
Use as a straight ruler to
measure sizes.
( no ruler on VH-240 and 40 )

VH Series ( Discontinued )
Model Overall length Choose your Dial Plumb Bob according to your purpose. Level Part
VH-240 2,400mm / approx. 94.5 inches For house-building and roof raising in
   wooden architecture.
VH-200 2,000mm / approx. 79 inches For roof raising in wooden architecture.
VH-175 1,750mm / approx. 69 inches For common construction, interior
   decoration and room partitions.
VH-110 1,100mm / approx. 43 inches For concrete forms and window sashes.
VH-40 400mm / approx. 16 inches For checking and testing. -- --

 Field Applications for Dial Plumb Bob

Checking window sash
Checking window sash plumb

Checking concrete form
Checking concrete form alignment

Perfabrication plumb
Perfabrication plumb

Checking column
Checking column perpendicularity
For interior decoration and
partition work
For interior decoration and partition work
Checking structural tilt
Checking structural tilt

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