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Signal Controller SCB-3 ( Discontinued )

This is incorporated in a control panel.
All its output and input terminals are connected to the terminal board.
The large relay contact capacity eliminates previous contact troubles.
Signal Controller SCB-3 ( Discontinued )
Model SCB-3

Model SCB-3
Lamp display output DC12V to 18V ( max. 110mA )
Relay contact capacity AC200V ( 5VA ) MAX ( resistance load )
Setting hole diameter 70mm × 110mm
Power supply AC100V,  AC200V,  50/60Hz
Usable Gauges S-5 / S-7 / S-9 / SC-2A
Relay contact output Three stages of -NG, +NG, and OK
Weight 1300 g

(1) Please disconnect the DC12V line when using the lamp display output to
power the relay contact.
( Leaving it connected will make for a two-circuit control. )
(2) When connecting signal gauges or signal checker, remove the original
connector and use crimp-style fork terminals.

Dimensions ; SCB-3

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