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Counter Board & RS232C Interface Adapter
IF-8, CB-640, CB-640S ; Discontinued
* Counter board suitable for system installation.
* Board used as a counter in multi-point measurement control.
* In data communications with computer by RS-232C interface (IF-8).

Counter Board & RS232C Interface Adapter
Specifications Specifications
Model IF-8 Model CB-640 CB-640S
Input Test equipment's (counter) BCD signal Resolution 0.01mm 0.001mm
Output * RS-232C port
* For digimatic
Number of digits 999.99 with ± symbol 99.999 with ± symbol
Response speed 600mm / sec. 300mm / sec.
Power supply Activated by power supplied
from test equipment (Counter)
(activated by +12V & +5V 6OmA)
Input frequency DC - 50KHz DC - 40KHz
Power supply DC12V ±0.1 2OmA
(excludes voltage consumption from gauge)
Number of
1 Preset in put
5 digits setting capability
* Send data request --- [ T ] [ t ]
* RESET request ----- [ R ] [ r ]
* LATCH request ----- [ L ] [ l ]
* LATCH cancel ------ [ N ] [ n ]
Reset input RESET IN (1m sec or more)
Number of
1 (one per gauge)
Dimensions Height 150mm, Width 120mm
Baud rates 1200 / 2400 / 4800 / 9600 convertible Output BCD (1) Socket HIF3A-30D-2.54R (Hirose brand)
constant tactor output
Outer dimensions 125(W) × 80(D) × 33(H) mm
Accessories * BCD input cable ----- 1.5m (1 pc)
* RS-232C output ----- 1.5m (1 pc)
Output BCD (2) Card edge side (A side 30, B side 30 pins)
Card edge CR13-60D-3.17 (Hirose brand)
Three state output (MC14508 equivalent)
Positive logic, parallel digits (L=0V H=12V)
Functions * START BIT ----- 1
   STOP BIT ------ 1
   ASCII. --------- 8 BIT
* RS-232C output and Digimatic output
   cannot be used simultaneously.
linear gauges
DL-2, D-5,
D-10, D-20,
D-50, D-100,
DL-2S, D-5S,
D-10S, D-20S,
D-50S, D-100S
* Connecting cable to be attached differs depending on type
   of measuring instrument used. Please specify measuring
   instrument used when ordering
   (Instrument at both the input and output side)
* Power supply, display or connectors are not provided with
   PC boards.
* When mounting two or more boards, minimum permissible
   spacing between each slot is 20mm.

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Design and specifications are subject to change without notice for future improvement.