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Pearl Scale; PS-1

Pearl Scale

 Pearl Scale; PS-1

Handy Size:
"Pearl Scale" is compact and light.
It is so handy that you can either hang it from
your neck or carry it in a pocket.

Easy Measurement:
You can measure size or thickness of an
object you want to measure, just by holding it
between a contact point and anvil, and pressing
a knob lightly by your finger.
A division of scale shows 0.1mm, and you can
measure up to 20mm by this gauge.

Graduation ; 0.1mm Range ; 20mm

PS-1 PS-1

Pearl Scale; ( PS-1 ) Point

Point 1
A knob is up when a gauge is released.
You only have to press a knob to make a quick
Point 1

Point 2
Since the tips of contact point and anvil are
narrowed, you can hold even a small object by
your fingers for measurement.
Point 2

Point 3
Since the back of gauge is flat, you can
measure an object, while laying your gauge on
a desk or table.
Point 3

Point 4
With 0.1mm graduation of a gauge, you can
easily read measured values, which makes
your work more efficient.
Point 4

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