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Linear Gauges ; Measurement range (0 - 50mm , 0 - 100mm)

With very sturdy ø 20mm stem.
Ultra-high precision achievable with exclusive gauge stand (PDS-2)
Model D-50 D-50S
Resolution 0.01mm 0.001mm
Range 0 - 50mm 0 - 50mm

Model D-100 D-100S
Resolution 0.01mm 0.001mm
Range 0 - 100mm 0 - 100mm


Level mounting clamp ( GB-50 )
Level mounting clamp GB-50
  2 pcs of socket screw
Special Gauge
   For High Temperature
   Applications D-50HT

Special Gauge D-50HT
This special gauge can be used up to +65ºC temperature.
( D-50S is not suited for high temperature )

Model D-50 D-50S D-100 D-100S
Range 50mm 100mm
Resolution 0.01mm 0.001mm 0.01mm 0.001mm
(excluding quantized error)
0.01mm 0.004mm 0.01mm 0.005mm
Measuring force Less than 3.0N Less than 3.5N
Cable length 2m
Mounting method ø 20mm stem or fastening by M4 screws at two positions
Contact point M2.5 × 0.45 Sø 2.4mm steel
Operating temperature 0 - 40ºC
Weight 450g 520g
Output signal 90º phase difference, 20µm pitch (R03-PB8M Tajimi connector)
Compatible standard counters C-500 / C-700 / CM-5B
Accessories Finger lever for lifting spindle ---> 1 pc
Featuares If Spindle inner spring is removed, measuring force will be that of spindle itself
    (only when in upright position)
    D-50 , D-50S ---> 1.0N     D-100 , D-100S ---> 1.1N
Recommended stand is PDS-2
Option Level mounting clamp ( GB-50 )
Customer must specify if application is up-side-down.
   The measuring force changes when the gauge is inverted.

Dimensions (D-50 / D-50S / D-50HT)

Dimensions D-50/D-50S/D-50HT

Dimensions (D-100 / D-100S)

Dimensions D-100/D-100S

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