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Special Type Test Indicators ; Double Dial Type W series

The conventional lever type dial gauge used to have some unreadable points when
   aligning with it, which has made it impossible to do the accurate aligning till now.
The double dial type Pic Test has two dials at both sides, making it possible to cover
   said unreadable points by conventional Pic Tests.
Special Type Test Indicators ; Double Dial Type W series
Model PC-1BW
Graduation 0.01mm
Range 0.8mm
Change lever type

Model Graduation
Reading Accuracy (µm) Measuring force
less than (N)
Wide-range forward
Adjacent error Backward error
PC-1BW 0.01 0.8 0 - 40 - 0 8 5 4 0.4
Accessories (Option)

Model L (mm)
PC-1BW 22.4
Dimensions ; PC-1BW

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