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Cylinder Gauge Tester Model CCT-2
( Cylinder Gauge Testing Equipment )

This is a calibration tester used exclusively for cylinder gauges having a high precision
micrometer with the minimum scale of 1 µ m.
An outer cylinder is held erectly so that deflection may not affect the measurements
and a center rod for pressing is provided on the moving bed in order to prevent from
errors due to the difference of measuring force.

Cylinder Gauge Tester : CCT-2

Model Micrometer head Forward Accuracy
( µm )
Feed per revolution
( mm )
Spindle tip
Graduation ( mm ) Measurement Range
( mm )
CCT-2 0.001 20 under ±1 0.5 / rev. Carbide chip
Cylinder gauges to be possibly inspected
All the cylinder gauges of JIS B 7515 Standards
All the CC and CG models of "PEACOCK"
ø6 - 10mm ø18 - 35mm ø50 - 100mm ø160 - 250mm
ø10 - 18mm ø35 - 60mm ø100 - 160mm ø250 - 400mm

Component Names
CCT-2 : Component Names

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