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Linear Gauges ; High Resolution Type 0.1µm and 0.5µm

Use of linear scale improves accuracy and reduces error due temperature influences.
Type 0.5µm D-10SS
Resolution 0.0005mm ( 0.5µm )
Range 0 - 10mm

Type 0.1µm D-10HS
Resolution 0.0001mm ( 0.1µm )
Range 0 - 10mm
With spindle pull-up lever

Options; Parallel adjustment Contact point

Options X-10

Options X-10
 When using 'Flat' contact point, choose contact point which has
 parallel adjustment in relation to anvil surfaces as shown in picture.

Model D-10SS D-10HS
Range 10mm 10mm
Resolution 0.0005mm 0.0001mm
(excluding quantized error)
0.001mm 0.0005mm
Measuring force Less than 1.0N
Cable length 2m
Operating temperature 0 - 40ºC
Contact point M2.5 × 0.45 Sø 2.4mm steel (X-2) M2.5 × 0.45 Sø 2.4mm steel (X-2)
Mounting method ø 8mm stem or back cover
with lug (ø 6.5mm hole)
ø 8mm (no provision for back cover
with lug mounting)
Weight 220g 200g
Output signal 90º phase difference, 20µm pitch
(R03-PB8M Tajimi connector)
90º phase difference, 8µm pitch
(R03-PB8M Tajimi connector)
Compatible standard
C-7HS (Discontinued) C-7HS (Discontinued)
Accessories --- Spindle pull-up lever
(exclusively for D-10HS, attachment
of release not provided for)

Dimensions (D-10SS)

Dimensions D-10SS

Dimensions (D-10HS)

Dimensions D-10HS

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