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Dial Swift Gauge

 The dial swift gauge is used for the same purpose as an ordinary micrometer to
 measure outside sizes.
The spindle is always pulled upward by the force of the spring. The knob at the
top of the gauge is pushed down by finger to clamp an object in measurement.
It will show its power for measurement of thickness, heights and diameters.
Dial Swift Gauge
Model Q-1
Graduation 0.05mm
Range 0 - 25mm
Ø5.5mm flat contact point and
  anvil (metal)

Dimensions; Q-1

Dimensions ; Q-1

Model Graduation
Throat depth
Contact Point Measuring force
less than (N)
Dia (mm) Parallelism (µm)
Q-1 0.05 0 - 25 30 }100 5.5 10 --
Dial Thickness Gauges 0.001mm type ; G-6C, G-7C

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