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Crack Tester CT-3

Crack Tester (Mdel No. CT-3)
It supports the development of houses based on the Housing Quality Assurance Law.
Crack Tester CT-3

3-tool set for crack testing Model No. CT-3
The contents of a set.
1. Scale ( crack scale )
2. Wire holder ( for wire chuck )
3. Wire ( ø0.25×10 pieces included )
Crack measurement kit enables simple and exact
measurement of width and depth of cracks in
foundation, walls, etc.

CT-3 ( Example )

What is the cracking level based on the Housing Quality Assurance Law?
Possibility of major defects that may affect the structural endurance
Level 1 --> low, Level 2 --> existent to a certain degree, Level 3 --> high.
Crack depth Crack width
Less than 5mm Level 1 0.3mm or smaller Level 1
5mm more and less than 20mm Level 2 0.3mm more and less than 0.5mm Level 2
20mm or larger Level 3 0.5mm or larger Level 3

How to use Crack Tester
 To measure of Crack width

Hold the Crack Scale against the crack width.

To measure of Crack width

 To measure of Crack depth

1. Insert the wire
to the Holder.
2. Bit the wire in a crack part until at
stop point, then set the wire.
3. You can see the Crack
depth to put the wire length
against Crack Scale.
To measure of Crack depth (1) To measure of Crack depth (2) To measure of Crack depth (3)

Email, Tel, Fax INQUIRY ( CT-3 )
International Dept
Tel : +81-3-3966-1109
Fax : +81-3-3558-1868

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